Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Feeling well rested is always the goal. Bedrooms are the homes sanctuary, the place we go to escape, to rest, and often slip away from the stresses of everyday life. 

We don’t all have palatial bedrooms with endless space and closets to die for. I’m talking to you Ellen Degeneres and Portai de Rossi! Often the Canadian home is filled with rooms that are smaller, cosy … quaint even.

With that space restriction comes the need to use creative furniture and accessory solutions to turn bedrooms from cramped to open and stylish, proving that it’s not how much square footage you have, but what you do with it that matters. 

We’re sure your customers are coming to you looking for ways to maximize their bedroom spaces so we’ve put together our top ideas and tips to help you work with your clients to get the most out of their bedroom planning.

Work with a neutral palette

Small spaces need all the help they can get to feel bigger and more open. A neutral palette is ideal.

Dark colors will make a space feel tighter and smaller, while whites, creams, wood tones, and greys will make the room feel lighter and bigger. Your customers can absolutely toss in pops of color in a throw or pillow, but keeping color to a minimum will help the room feel less cluttered. 

When it comes to furniture, keeping the pieces lighter in color, even coming close to the wall color, will make it feel as if the furniture blends in, and that’s a good thing. That goes for headboardsside tables and armless chairs

Get Reflective

Mirrors add the illusion of more space. Adding one over the bed will make the room feel bigger and brighter, and frankly better.

We’re loving round mirrors over headboards to help extend the wall and add sparkling interest to the room. While a series of small mirrors looks great, generally speaking, larger mirrors work best when trying to make a small room feel more open.

Get Rid of Clutter

People love their stuff. They worked hard for all those things. We get it. But, clutter is the biggest no-no for small bedrooms. 

As our mothers and grandmother’s said: a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Small items like books, magazines, lotions and notebooks, can go into baskets. For larger items, storage beds are the way to go. Just lift them up, toss in bigger items like bedding, seasonal clothes, purchases you’re hiding from your significant other, and voila, tidy in an instant. 

Hang BIG art

We know gallery walls are all the rage, but like hanging multiple mirrors, gallery walls look best in bigger spaces. Large and oversize wall decor will help create a focal point in the room, creating more negative space and less crowding. But most importantly, when it comes to art … your customers should only pick what they love and what makes them feel good. Art has the power to change how we feel. Use that power for good. Not evil. 

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